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Retirement Tax Services Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

If you currently provide tax-related services—or you’re considering adding them—do your clients really understand what that means? When you tell people you provide tax planning, what exactly are you taking responsibility for? On today's episode Steven talks about the value of making sure that your client knows...

Jun 28, 2021

Steven’s guest today is Penny Phillips of the national RIA firm, Journey Strategic Wealth. Journey began as a team of independent RIAs. At that time, a new financial advisor’s options were either joining a pre-established firm or going into business 100% solo. Penny and her partners sought to offer a middle ground.

Jun 25, 2021

Steven is doing some myth-busting on this Friday Tax Q&A. In fact, he’s tackling things we sometimes repeat as facts—though we’ve never bothered to look them up.

You can find the show notes and transcript

Jun 23, 2021

Steven’s guest today is Benjamin Brandt, host of the nationally-spotlighted podcast Retirement Starts Today. Ben practice helps clients create spending plans out of their portfolios. 

You can find the show notes and transcript

Jun 21, 2021

Steven’s guest today is Dan Cuprill of The Profitable Advisor. As a longstanding financial planner and a teacher, Dan advocates value through better systems. He recommends asking, “When I write your plan, would it make sense to develop a strategy to do that?”

You can find the show notes and transcript